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The Angelus — completed

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

I left the statue alone while we were out of town for 10 days for the glue to cure, and now it is up on the bookshelf, hopefully out of the reach of the cat!


The homme will probably never get a new hat in my lifetime, or at least not until after I finish my hurdy-gurdy!

Before the trip, I got a new miter box to cut the key buttons to length. My old one’s slot is too worn to give a good vertical cut anymore. So, that’s what will be coming up next.

I’ve also got hundreds of old family slides and photos to scan!

The Angelus — glued together

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

While at Michaels looking for a miter box to cut the hurdy-gurdy key buttons to length, I ran across some Elmer’s China + Glass Cement. So, I got that for gluing the base together. It says it dries clear and gives one minute of set time. Dishwashable when done, not that I’m going to do that, but I thought that sounded like a strong, durable joint.


Sculpture glued together and drying — will it hold?

No telling how well it worked. It takes a couple days to achieve full strength. I think I’ll leave it alone, then. After holding it with pressure for several minutes, it didn’t seem to be bonded. I hope there was still enough wet glue to hold it once I decided to just set it down and let it dry. I didn’t want too much glue so that it oozed out everywhere. It didn’t, thankfully. Seemed like I had enough on there, but not sure how it will bond if the porcelain pieces aren’t in tight contact against each other.

I really would hate to have to clean the glue joints and glue it again – with something else. The Elmer’s packaging doesn’t even say how to remove it! Apparently not with warm water, if you can put it in the dishwasher. I hope I’m done with it.

[The last little flake of porcelain I finally figured out went on the bottom of the outer leg of the wheelbarrow, along the break. I put that on before gluing the halves together.]

The Angelus — update

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

The femme half is still draining a few drops of water from a pinhole under the potato sacks on the wheelbarrow. This is in an area that I needed to re-attach a broken chunk of the base. I left it lying down overnight, so that area would be dry. Then I glued on the piece today.


Base edge piece was removed, cleaned and reglued

I did a dry fit of the two halves of the sculpture for the first time since taking on the project. I don’t think it will be a seamless join, due to the complexity of the break. Also, two pieces have been glued in along that edge, which cannot be glued in exactly the way they were originally.

I’m worried about using super glue. I don’t think I could get it put all along the edge and then attach it before the glue I first applied had dried out. Might have to use epoxy? It is thicker, but gives me five minutes. I expect the epoxy would show more, if any squeezed out.

When it appears the dripping is done, I can proceed. The pieces will have to be glued upright, which is the position that causes drainage, and I can’t have that along the fresh glue joint.


The anxious couple awaiting the day that has been decades in coming

The Angelus — l’homme

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Last night I glued on the three surviving pieces of the homme’s hands and one sliver from along the base, using Loctite super glue. So, he’s all done now.


The homme checking out his clean, reattached hands

It would be nice to carve him a new hat someday and try to paint it the color of the porcelain, but that’s not going to be any time soon, if ever. At least he’s got arms — and clothes, which is more than I can say about the Venus de Milo.


Before and after views of the hands

The femme is still draining some water near where  a piece of the base needs attaching. After doing that, the final step will be gluing the couple back together.