Figurehead – left cheek

With the help of Abigail, I got a good start on sculpting the left cheek and jaw. Before they were very angular, but are starting to smooth out and look more realistic.


I also did some of the shaping of the right side of the cap, not shown.

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  1. Dave Holland says:

    Still watching progress – thanks for documenting the whole thing!

  2. I love the detailed chronicle you are putting up for us to see. Peg head looking good. Keep whittling. I love carving heads on my gurdies. I use a rotary tool with router/engraving bits. Less peaceful while carving, but quick. Cheers

  3. [...] so far. I hope the eyes turn out as well. For a comparison to what it looked like previously, go here. The face is beginning to be worth looking [...]

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