Harlequin assembly

After cutting some 5/16″-wide strips of the four veneers, I’ve been trying to lay out the pattern. The first thing was making two sets of parallel stripes with them that will cover the area needed on the sides of the peg head. These are taped together with Post-It tape.


Initial striped pairs before diagonal cutting

Then the first angle is cut on both sets, and 5/16″-wide strips are made from there, creating barberpole-like pieces. These get alternated with the other set’s diagonal strips to get the 4-color pattern. The odd-numbered strips from one set are paired with the even-numbered strips from the other, and vice-versa, creating an inlay for both sides of the peg head.


Stripes on right get cut into strips to add to diamonds on left

Uh-oh!! There’s an error in the repetition of the pattern above, can you spot it?

Since the strips are being cut by hand, they aren’t perfectly the same width, which requires some tweaking of the diagonal strips, so that the edges between adjoining strips more-or-less line up. This is done by narrowing a diamond which is too wide, which throws off the pattern in a strip.

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  1. Dave Holland says:

    That’s going to look gorgeous when it’s done.

    (yes, I see the error :-))

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