Harlequin taped and glued

I removed all the layers of old tape from the individual barber pole strips. The two inlays kept falling apart, because the original  stripes were just taped together. After several re-attachments, I put fresh tape on the front, crossing the joints, which the former tape did not do, because the original taped strips were cut. Using the template I made in Corel Draw on the computer, I traced the trim lines with a fine-point marker onto each piece on the back. This is done before gluing, because you can’t write very well on the glue.

Two inlays with pattern, after taping the fronts and tracing trim lines

After that, I spread carpenter’s glue over the back of both inlays, put tinfoil over that with heavy books for weight while drying. The glue doesn’t stick to the tinfoil. So now they should be strong enough to work with. They want to curl, requiring weight to be kept on them.


One of the pieces with glue coating on the back side, tinfoil removed

Trimming is next.

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