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Keychest sides sanded

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

The big issue here was sanding the piece down so that all the different thicknesses of vener used in the marquetry were flush. And more sanding than normal was required, because I had done the inlay a little deeper than I intended, which put all of the veneers below the edge of the keychest piece. Sanding sealer was sprayed on to minimize dust from the dark woods from staining the lighter ones.


The right-hand couple and scroll sanded smooth

You can see how they were actually inserted too deeply here.


Left-hand couple sanded smooth

Note the man’s vertically-striped wenge hatband, as the next operation is re-opening the hidden keyhole in that area.

Keychest – sanding sealer

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

It warmed up! Instead of being freezing for days, it actually got over 60 degrees today — back to suitable hurdy-gurdy making weather. Today I sanded both sides of both keychest side pieces, something I couldn’t do in the house. I also sprayed the one with the inlays with Behlen nitrocellulose laquer sanding sealer. That needed warmer weather also. The inlays are lower than the surface, so I didn’t sand down to their level yet.


Inlay piece with sanding sealer sprayed on