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Head – drilling peg holes

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Before I do too much shaping of the head piece edges, I thought it a good idea to drill the peg holes. I wanted them spaced the same, so I drew long center lines between the first two pairs until they intersected, and made the second two the same angle.


Figuring out even spacing and equal angles for the tuning pegs

This head pattern was then glued onto the side of the head and the angled lines were projected across the top of the head piece. Each pair of pegs has their centerlines 1  3/8″ apart. This will put the inside edges of the pegs 1″ apart, the same distance as the chanter strings. The peg shafts are 3/8″ in diameter.


Hole positions marked; testing jacking method to get holes vertical

When drilling the holes, I will jack up the head end of the piece with a scrap of wood until the angled line is vertical for the drill press.


Drilling the tuning peg holes with a 3/8" bit

It was hard holding the piece still on the wedge while operating the drill. No real problems, however. Slight chipping out on the inside due to the angle of the grain. The drill bit just barely fit into position where the thickest part is to the right.


Completed holes — whew!

The holes will need reaming to create a tapered hole. I am hoping to borrow one of those. The top edge needs final shaping, and the width will be reduced by 1/4″ on each side.

Out of this world pegs

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

My viola-size Planetary Pegs arrived today from Hurdy Gurdy Crafters! They are very classy-looking black metal geared tuners which resemble traditional ebony friction pegs. They will look great on a hand-carved head. This is a set of three left-hand threaded and three right-hand threaded pegs. They were special ordered from Brian Burns and include a sheet of instructions.


Latest arrivals

I also got a replacement small brace, as the one provided with the kit had some incorrect pieces. So, I’m ready to move ahead with the braces. I epoxied together the five pieces of the longest one last night. It needs a lot more work before it is done, such as imbedding dowels into the corners, adding curvature to the top and bottom, and sanding.


Peg search update

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

I talked to Mel Dorries of Hurdy Gurdy Crafters today, and after all his careful research, he recommends Brian Burns’ 945B planetary pegs, which are 9mm diameter viola size. These are made by Chuck Herin of  Pegheds.


#945B guitar peg illustration from Brian's site

After studying a traditional peg box profile, Mel doesn’t think different lengths are going to be necessary. [The problem we ran into is that the different lengths Brian has are not available in the same diameter.] I trust his expertise here, and intend to go with these.

The kit was mailed last Monday, but is still enroute.


It’s in the mail!

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

I should mention that the anticipation is almost over, as Mel let me know that my Monarch kit was shipped yesterday [Monday] and should be here shortly.

The pegs will be shipped later. I’m not sure at this point what was settled on for those. The previous plan had been…

Two sizes —the long and short— are more readily available, so we are going to go that route.

…but it turned out those were discovered to also be two different diameters, and that wouldn’t be suitable.

Definitely no need for the pegs any time soon!



Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

I decided to get some nice geared tuners called Pegheds, which look like old-fashioned wooden pegs. I found a page on Neil Brook’s web site which discusses using them:

There were issues, however, when fitting them to the traditional carved head pegbox. The problem was that by design, pegs of different lengths are required if the buttons are to be an even height.

It may well be that only the chanterelle tuners need to be shorter so the pegs can be ordered as short, medium or long  depending on requirements.


Use of different size pegs, from Neil Brook's site

Since I am planning to carve a traditional pegbox, this site was an important discovery. It turns out that it is hard to locate the three sizes Neil refers to, though. Two sizes —the long and short— are more readily available, so we are going to go that route. Mel has kindly done a bunch of calling around for me regarding them, and I believe the ball is rolling again.