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Hurdy-gurdy Construction DVDs

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Brook-ConstructionDVDNow he tells me! Or, more like “just in the nick of time!” Neil Brook announced today on the Hurdy Gurdy Forum that he has a new 2-DVD set which covers the building a guitar-shaped hurdy-gurdy. I have finished the body, but the second DVD covering everything else would be timely, and might make up for my ignorance and prevent some poor decisions. I can still watch the first one and find out what I did wrong on the body!

So, I’ve placed my order.

Instructional DVD by Ina Lemm

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

I  have had some nice email exchanges recently with Dr. Ina Lemm about her very impressive-looking “Learning to play the hurdy-gurdy” course on DVD. There is an English version in PAL format, but she tells me it will play fine on computers here. I saw a couple of her clips on YouTube, and have been interested in getting one ever since, but wanted to make sure it would work in the States first. Now that I know the procedure, I will order one closer to the time of completion of my hurdy-gurdy.

Tutor and Maintenance DVDs

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

I had a couple email exchanges with Neil Brook earlier today and ended up ordering both his Maintenance DVD and the new G/C Tutor DVD. No doubt I desperately need both! I was going to wait until later, when I had the instrument put together, but as we discussed, it makes more sense to have the Maintenance one on hand, as it will be helpful for the initial setup. I’m also wondering if it might not prevent my building problems into the instrument, due to not knowing subtle things to watch out for. The less on-going aggravation down the road, the better!

You can see a sample video from each DVD on YouTube.