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Thursday, October 21st, 2010

LibertyCome to the rescue of a battered woman, before it is too late! Liberty is counting on you!

Be sure to vote November 2nd in this most crucial election. Our freedom and that of our children is at stake. Liberty is being held hostage by radical liberals who have no regard for the Constitution. We can’t afford to let them continue to greatly expand government with unlimited powers to plunder productive members of society and regulate all our choices, dismantling the American way of life for a freedom-crushing, wealth-redistributing, debt-ridden socialist utopia. Stop citizen-abuse by out-of-control Uncle Sam now!

Early voting started here on Tuesday. I voted yesterday.

Texas Tea

Friday, April 16th, 2010

No, not Black Gold [oil] — TEA, as in “Taxed Enough Already.” Sometimes you have to take a break from hurdy-gurdy building and stand up against tyranny. What better time for that than April 15th,  Tax Day?


50-foot Texas-sized postcard addressed to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Last night I attended my first Tea Party, the Lone Star Tea Party in Grand Prairie.


"DON'T TREAD ON ME" — QuikTrip Park, Grand Prairie, TX

Great crowd of patriots and speakers. Mark Davis, the well-known Talk Radio host of 820/96.7 WBAP was the Master of Ceremonies. Another popular radio host I have listened to also spoke, Mike Gallagher of NewsTalk 660 KSKY. There was a wonderful Christian home school choir. Impressive, decently-dressed young people.

A real highlight of the rally was a speech by the Revolutionary patriot Thomas Paine. His speeches are well worth watching.


Bob Basso as Thomas Paine on restoring Common Sense to government

 We need to wake up and defend Liberty, like the patriots of old, before it is taken away from us by our out-of-control socialist government of traitors to the Constitution. God help us!